This box arrived on the market a couple months ago.
Android 6.0 and also dual tuners for DVB-S and DVB-T standards
The onboard TV Center app is actually a fork of Kodi 17.0

I have found the guys over at do a fantastic job with their product testing and reviews


KIII Pro comes with typical performance and flaws of other Amlogic S912 TV boxes, with Android 6.0 firmware working well, TV Center (Kodi 17 fork) playing 4K videos relatively well, supporting DD 5.1 pass-through, but not the full range of audio codec, and lacking support for automatic frame rate switching. The device is however unique thanks to its dual tuner with DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 inputs, and the DTV app is about the same as on the previous model (K1 Plus T2 S2), but merges channels from both sources instead of having to choose at launch. Sadly some of the same bugs and shortcomings linger such as font encoding issues, and inablity to run PVR process in the background.

-Stable and Responsive Android 6.0 firmware
-Decent 4K video playback in TV Center (Kodi fork)
-Support for Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3) HDMI pass-through and down mixing in all apps
-DVB-S/S2 & DVB-T/T2 support via DTV app with timer shifting, EPG, and PVR support
-Good 802.11ac WiFi and Ethernet performance
-OTA firmware update (App is there, but not fully tested as no new firmware available during the review)

-DVB S/S2 signal strength and quality is only around 50 to 55% (on my setup and for others too), which could lead to problems get signals for some channels
-Thai font encoding issues
-In some conditions, scheduled recordings will start on time, but stop immediately resulting in an empty video.
-PVR function does not work in background, so the DTV app must be on the foreground at all time, and the box cannot be turned off when using schedules/timers.
-HDMI audio pass-through not working (in TV Center) for Dolby Digital+ 7.1, TrueHD and DTS / DTS-HD
-Automatic frame rate switching is not working in Kodi
-Potential instability issues with TV Center – The 2-hour video test failed twice: 1st time: crash after 5 minutes; 2nd time the video stopped after about 50 minutes, but I could resume. N.B.: I did not experience other crashes while testing video samples.
-Mediocre WiFi + SAMBA performance like in other S905X/S912 TV boxes with Android 6.0.
-Relatively high power consumption (2.2 to 5.1 Watts) in power off mode
-While I have not noticed obvious CPU or GPU throttling during my tests, temperature does get high (89 C reported in CPU-Z)
-Very small mouse pointer @ 4K resolutions, loud music during boot logo.

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