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    Mag Setup with Server Credentials

    If you change any settings and forget to press ok to save, do it again and save.
    Exit is top left of the arrow buttons and looks like a home icon.

    1. Of course you start by putting batteries in the remote, connecting Mag to your tv, plugging in your network cable, and power connection lastly.

    2. Once it boots up to the inner portal go to "Settings" and select "Interface". This is where you tell it where to go when it loads up, changes weather to C or F, etc. I set my weather to Fahrenheit here and ok to save. Exit back out to "Settings"

    3. Now go to "System Settings" and select "Network" to set it up. "Auto (DHCP)" will work for most users. For wireless you need an usb adapter so we won't go into that now.

    4. Select "Auto update software" and set auto update to enabled. Press the green F2 button to update now. Then exit.

    5. Exit out twice to "System Settings" menu and now go to Servers.

    5. Click "General" and put in a timeserver. pool.ntp.org works. Use the "KB" button on your remote to bring up the on screen keyboard. This is where we fix your time. Press ok to save and then exit once back to "Servers' menu.

    7. Click "Portals" and enter your server info.
    There are 2 lines there.
    For "Portal 1 name" put Rocket and "Portal 1 URL" is

    Press ok to save and exit back twice to "System Settings" again.

    8. Click "Video" and choose what you want to use or what your tv wants to use. The bottom left button on your remote is the aspect button and will show the list, remember this for future reference. Press ok to save and exit back out to "System Settings" again.

    9. This time select "Advanced Settings" These are pretty self-explanatory. Language, time zone closest to you, and where you find buffer size if you need to set it now or later. Left mine at 0. Make sure to press ok to save and reboot your STB.

    9b. Should be in the Portal loading page now and a menu should appear asking for credentials. Enter Credential number here.

    10. After the reboot it will boot into the IPTV portal. If it loads into a tv channel or black screen press exit to see the portal page. Here you will see TV, Videoclub, etc.

    11. Scroll it over to "Settings" and click it.

    12. Here you can set parental control if needed. Select "Localization" now and fix your settings there. Set them as needed with a city somewhere close to where you are if yours is not listed. Exit out and scroll through the rest. If you need to change anything do so now. Some of the options are the same as in the inner portal.

    13. For "Portal" it is best to leave it at main menu if you have limited bandwidth, so it doesn't come on to live tv without anyone watching it.

    14. Towards the bottom you will see "Go to the inner portal", this is how you get back to the inner portal if needed.

    15. Now exit out and watch some tv. Videoclub is where the movies are and tv is where, um, the tv is

    If at any time you get bored, stumped, or want to learn more go into settings and exit back out into the inner portal. You'll see a book icon there named "Menu Guide" that has a wealth of information. Check it out and get a little more comfortable with the terms and usage of your mag receiver.

    Any time you're in the inner portal, pressing exit a few times will boot you back into the IPTV portal.

    thnx BIO for setup guide

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    Silas, Rakus, Frillock and Lars Tunisia

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