New System Firmware Version 2.7.70
Reboot Box
DOL 1.06.00
System Firmware Version 2.7.70

Improved scheduled recording. (Access from single-channel program guide or grid EPG.)
Audio selection. (Red button on live mode. (Stereo/mono/left/right/Reverse Stereo/left speaker/right speaker)
Sleep timer. (Red button on live mode.
Various portal loading issues resolve
Added ability to cancel connection to portal mid-connection
Fixed channel list scrolling bug
Instant Recording improved
Remember VOD subtitle language preference
Manual subtitle encoding selection in options menu
Play list improved. (Delete and Sort by time/name/size)
Channel search on live mode. (Green button)
Set default Group channels numbering off.
Press Home button to launcher and Live button back to live without disconnecting service connection.
Delete a Service list from Service menu.
Clear a recall channel history. Hold on Recall/Exit button and press green button.
General performance enhancements, UI improvements, and bug fixes