Form Rules

There will be no discrimination, personal, racial, gender or ethnic insults
There will be no pornography, this will be an instant ban
This is a public for so there will be no profanity or foul language
No double posting, double posts will be deleted
Post in the proper section (posting in the proper section will get you the most help)
Posts in the wrong section will be deleted or moved by a moderator
Owners and Moderators of the site have the right to modify or delete any post at our discretion.
Owners and Moderators have the right to ban any member as they see fit
Selling equipment on the form is Prohibited Instant banned
If a topic is posted in the wrong form or in violation of the forum rules PM Moderator so we can deal with it at out discretion
There will be no arguing with a Moderator in public discussion. You are to contact the Moderator in question with a PM to resolve your issue.
Signatures are to be kept to a maximum of 6 lines and pictures kept small
No multiple accounts
Members causing trouble will be banned
Links to other forums are prohibited
No links to reseller website, these will deleted and poster banned
Links to main Services Sites will be allowed ( they must be coded)
Other outside links should always be coded
All spammers will be banned
Any member not in compliance with the above rules are at inIPTV team discretion
We reserve the right to change or add Rules of this forum at any time

Enjoy our forums and Have fun!