Basic Rules For Posting

When Posting
1. Before posting it is always a good idea to do a quick search. There are times when your problem has already been addressed.
2. Post in the form section that is most suitable to your situation.
3. One topic per thread for ease of management.
4. Posts should be written in English to ensure uniformity and also make the post accessible to the maximum number members.
5. Choose a descriptive thread title. Descriptive thread titles are far more likely to be read, will rank higher in searches and be more helpful to others with the same problem. Use some of the terms you would used in your search queries as a base for the thread title.
6. Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. There are no mind readers on the forum.
7. Post everything you've tried so far. What equipment and apps you are using.
8. Don't misrepresent the work of others as your own.
9. Do not hijack a thread with a problem that is not related to the thread
10. Only official sellers allowed, resellers must be verified prior to posting.

When you ask a question

o Use specific, meaningful subject headers on posts.
o Be explicit about your question.
o Be precise and informative about your problem.
o Describe your problem's symptoms in chronological order
o Don't ask people to reply by private e-mail or private message.
o Courtesy never hurts, and sometimes helps.
o Please follow up with a reply on the solution if you find one

We reserve the right to change or add Rules of this forum at any time