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    HOW TO - Set up madVR for Kodi DSPlayer & External Players

    madVR Set up Guide (for Kodi DSPlayer and Media Player Classic)
    madVR 0.91.9
    LAV Filters 0.69
    Last Updated: 2017-04-28

    Please provide corrections if you notice any technical information appears incorrect. This may not be uncommon as new features are added that are beyond my technical acumen.

    It is also my intent to make the content as easy to read as possible. If you find any typos or unclear statements, point them out and I will attempt to improve the language.

    What is madVR?

    New to Kodi? Try this Quick Start Guide.

    This guide is an additional resource for those using Kodi DSPlayer or MPC-HC. Set up for madVR is a lengthy topic and its configuration will remain fairly consistent regardless of the chosen media player.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Devices;
    2. Processing;
    3. Scaling Algorithms;
    4. Rendering;
    5. Measuring Performance;
    6. Sample Settings Profiles, Profile Rules & Advanced Settings;
    7. Other Resources.


    Identification, Properties, Calibration, Display Modes, Color & Gamma, HDR and Screen Config.

    Deinterlacing, Artifact Removal, Image Enhancements and Zoom Control.

    Scaling Algorithms
    Chroma Upscaling, Image Downscaling, Image Upscaling and Upscaling Refinement.

    General Settings, Windowed Mode Settings, Exclusive Mode Settings, Stereo 3D, Smooth Motion, Dithering and Trade Quality for Performance.


    Credit goes to the JRiver Media Center MADVR Expert Guide, Asmodian's madVR Options Explained and madshi for most technical descriptions.

    madVR Rendering Path

    The chart below is a summary of the rendering process.



    Resource Use of Each Setting

    madVR can be very demanding on most graphics cards. Accordingly, each setting is ranked based on the amount of processing resources consumed: Minimum, Low, Medium, High and Maximum. Users of integrated graphics cards should not combine too many features labelled Medium and will be unable to use features labelled High or Maximum without performance problems.

    This performance scale only relates to processing features requiring use of the GPU.



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